There are many ways to serve with the Vashon Villages!

Our Village Builder role might be for you if you've got the time to commit to the critical early work of establishing a Village, helping it get rooted so that it can flourish. Pilot neighborhoods include Gold Beach, Town, Dolphin Point, and Lisabeula. Please see the Village Builder Volunteer Role Description  for details. Watch this space as other neighborhoods join the Vashon Villages in 2022 and beyond.

With our other volunteer roles, the sky's the limit.

Serve where, when, and as much as you like and are able, fulfilling service requests from members.

This could mean rides, everyday errands, home chores, friendly phone chats, support to use the internet and/or devices.

Have an idea? Please get in touch about your interests, talents, and skills and we will match them with members' needs.

Program Manager Maria Glanz will be happy to hear from you at (206) 929-0823, the Center's main telephone number (206) 463-5371, or via email to villages@vashoncenter.org.

All potential Senior Center program volunteers, including Senior Center Villages, must submit a volunteer application, clear a background check, and sign the Center’s Confidentiality pledge