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Welcome to the Senior Center Village ~ Energizing Community to support Seniors living independently

Aging in your home just got a bit easier: Village volunteers are stepping up to assist islanders age 55 and older. Our Senior Center Village enables connections that foster support and longevity, connections that are needed more than ever as we age. 

With the average age of Vashon residents at 53, we have one of the oldest populations in King County, and growing. Our love of independent living becomes a hardship when we are injured, sick or frail. In the coming decades, there will be more of us who need occasional help in and around our homes.

This website simplifies the matchmaking between a Senior in need and a volunteer saying “Yes, I am here for you!” 

It's easy to join online here: Join the Senior Center Village today

Or to sign up for volunteering here: Volunteer Opportunities* - Senior Center Village (

Village Manager Fran Brooks runs frequent training sessions in how to use the website, and she's available by phone and email as well if you have questions at: 206-485-4335 or

Currently, screened and vetted Bluebird volunteers regularly drive members to and from medical appointments. Other common jobs: read aloud to a low vision elder, sing together, cook a meal together, change a lightbulb, remove tripping obstacles, run an errand or take a neighbor to the grocery store, go for a little walk.  

Age-old wisdom says that as long as we are breathing, every person is cheered by giving. Yet it’s often hard to request needed help. The Village encourages and celebrates both giving and receiving. Even simple acts of sharing can have profound benefits. Consider a daily phone call to a homebound person, just to say hello. Village matchmaking encourages reciprocity and brings joy that comes from caring and sharing.

Too often, aging promotes isolation. Friends and relatives are not always there when we need them. Few of us are prepared for all that life brings. Though Vashon is one big community with an intricate web of connections and many helpers, we are prepared for times when a Village volunteer is best positioned to respond. It is wonderful to see islanders of every age engaged as volunteers!

Volunteers are encouraged to do something personally meaningful. Once vetted, they respond to requests of their choosing, at their convenience. Volunteers of all kinds are welcome: there is no time commitment required.

Small acts of kindness can be lifesaving whether we know it or not. Giver or receiver, please consider joining and sharing your gifts, skills, talents and love. Join our Village.

Become a member or volunteer or both at or reach out by phone or text to Village Manager Fran Brooks at 206-485-4335. Supporting connections and growing community.

We thank King County and the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy funds and generous Island donors that support our Village program. Neighbors, near and far, are the lifeblood of our Island.  


For More Information about Vashon Senior Center, visit:

The Senior Center Village is supported by funding provided by:

Thank you, King County!