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 What's the Senior Center Village? Neighbors on Vashon coming together to:

  • help each other… and be able to ask for help when you need it.
  • connect, make friends, and support each other.
  • enjoy community!

It can be a simple as making a phone call. 

It can be as grand as organizing regular neighborhood potlucks, taking trips in the Village bus and more.

When you need a ride to a medical appointment off island, a ride on island for any reason, or help with chores or shopping, now you can call upon the Senior Center Village.

Contact Villages Manager Fran Brooks at or (206) 485-4335 to enroll.

Read on for more info!

Village Benefits:

  • The Village Manager: Fran can help you with signing up, with technology and access, with organizing events and trips and more.
  • A neighborhood iPad: to help village leaders sign up or orient new members, help someone access the Helpful Village website, email all the members with neighborhood news.
  • This Helpful Village website: a way to stay in touch with each other and a way for people who need help to ask for it easily. 

In a nutshell: The Senior Center provides the Village Manager and all administrative support: funding, liability insurance, background checks for Village Volunteers, technology and software, and everything listed above!

Ready to Enroll? Click here!

A Brief History and Thanks: The Village to Village movement began 20 years ago in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston. Now there are Villages across the United States. To learn more, visit: Thanks to a grant from the King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy, the Vashon Senior Center is able to help neighborhoods on Vashon-Maury create their own Villages. So we can all grow older together.

Funding for this program is provided by

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